Commissions allow you to have a painting custom made to the dimensions and general colours and style that suit you. Clients are always welcome to view my existing work in my studio before they decide on a commission. Everything currently available is listed in my shop

Clients will often choose an existing painting as a primary reference for their piece and from there can talk to colours, mood, composition and other features that they'd like. I am also open to more conceptual inspiration and ways that you might want your painting influenced.

I will ask you detailed questions to make sure our visions are aligned and you'll have final sign off on our summary before we start. If you have interior photographs of where you are going to hang your painting and would like to send them to me, that’s great but also not essential. I can make custom sizes in a broad range - small and medium pieces up to very large pieces 2.5-3m high and 5-6m wide. Custom multi-panelled work would also enable me to make very large paintings to suit your space.

I have made custom paintings for collectors nationally and overseas and I am always excited to connect with people in different places and send work internationally. With the size of the painting and your post/zip code, I am happy to quote for the cost of shipping and insurance worldwide.   


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Everyday when it’s super stressful here in Austin, I look at our beautiful painting and it calms me and the whole family and makes us smile.

– Joy, USA

I've always dreamt of commissioning my own piece of artwork. Finding an artist whose work is timeless, elegant and beautiful was extremely challenging. I wanted this piece of work to be a lifetime, treasured keepsake and a reminder of a certain period in my life. Therefore, being really intentional with my decision was important. I chanced upon Jordy's work in Saatchi Art, and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. Her work is ethereal and the sfumato between the colours in her art is divine. Commissioning the work itself was such a joy. We worked closely together to bring my vision to life. In one email, (about another piece) I said "I love the blush and faint traces of blue and yellow, but how there's a hint of danger on the left." Jordy incorporated these comments, and others, into my painting and I am absolutely delighted with the result. 
– Rachel, USA

I came across Jordy’s work on an interior website and was immediately drawn to the soft yet rich colour and calm mood, and after a smooth and delightful commission process, we now have two of her paintings crossing the ocean to our living room in Hong Kong. Living in a concrete jungle with a busy city life (and the recent insanity around the world), these paintings bring a shade of nature inside the house and more importantly, serenity into the mind. Looking at them everyday I see different things - mountains, sky, sea, garden, which have brought us peace and delight every day. I would just add: Jordy was delightful to work with. She is communicative, adaptive and meanwhile holds on to her unique personal style through the process. Not only the work but the framing, packaging and shipping were all meticulously done. 
– Sibing, Hong Kong