Selected work 2012-2014

My attraction to figurative work and the human form is to do with psychological experience. Heads and faces, which have been recurring subjects, most obviously refer to the inner personality and emotional complexes. I am interested in psychology, astrology and mythology because they are archetypal and symbolic languages where notions are overarching, having a sense of a laden past and a line drawn back to an archaic or core self.

Although my characters may be anguished or fragmented, I feel an underlying wisdom and strength from them. I am seeking an authenticity or potency, which speaks deeply, isn’t predetermined or operating at a cerebral level. The sense of foundation and solace that I get from artwork is vital and raw and is what I hope to communicate.

In abstract work my interests are still the same in terms of internal experience and existential issues but without using a motif. I like faces, reading people, analysing, empathising, the strangeness of bodies but I also find a field encompassing but impenetrable, beautiful and turbulent.

There is an obvious separation in my work between the figure and the field which may talk about identity struggle, trying to connect, coming to terms with being in the world.